Bent Knee – Land Animal

Bent Knee has just landed their new animal and it’s a real savage one…..

Well, if you know Bent Knee, you already should be aware that this band is not conventional at all, not  even into the progressive scene, and it’s without any doubt a risked band, rather than experimental. Bent Knee is the kind of band that took you to the boundaries with every album they release.

The new album has the characteristic dynamic sound of the band, but this time the songs are more savages, raw, aggressive and Yes! more guitar based than all the predecessors.

The musicality it’s as always on the top, an excellent execution with the perfect “live” feeling in each song, you know, that vibe that only great musicians can bring (especially if they are graduated from Berklee right?). The record is perfectly balanced and the mix is just excellent, leaving besides the trending of make the songs sound just perfect and extremely polished.

Vocals on this album are amazing, is very notable how the Courtney’s voice has maturate so far, it basically make you shiver on every song, she could bring the nicest pop ballad vibe and then take you to the more obscure piece, a la Diamanda Galás.

Something particular on this album, are the rhythm section, because not only do perfectly their main job, but also, gives tons of power on every song, even in the songs like “Boxes”, that by the way, is the perfect close for this album.

Talking about the songs, I prefer not to highlight my favorites ones, because the album it’s so diverse that, I’m pretty sure that in a few hours I’m going to have a whole different set of new favorite songs. Although, I would like to recommend to you, not to shuffle this one, because the songs are perfectly fitted in the track list, and in the way I see it, is like a life cycle, in which “Terror Bird” is the birth song, “Hole” and “Holy Ghost” are the childhood and teenage songs respectively, while “Insides In”, “These Hands” and “Land Animal” are the adulthood. Finally the twilight comes with “Time Deer”, “Belly Side Up” and “The Well”. The peacefully death song is “Boxes -.”, and the perfect ending for this album.

Please go and get Land Animal, which is one of the best pieces of music you going to hear until they probably release new material.

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Bent Knee: When nerds decide to make music

First and foremost, I’m not the type of person that is always hunting new bands, normally I discover them by merely accident or at the best by recommendations. Secondly, I never stated that this blog is dedicated 100% to Metal bands, it just happens, that metal music is mostly the one that worth it at all. Having said that, I can start writing freely.

Bent Knee is an American band that is mostly associated with Art rock/ Prog/ Psycodelic scene. They started in 2009, while attending Berklee College of Music. Their music is very dynamic, with highly complex execution, allowing the guys in the band to experiment, and create such an amazing ambient that go from beauty to Darkness.

And as most of the Art Rock bands, vocals are a basic element. Actually, this is one of that few bands in which, vocals is used as another instrument, and this is because the incredible voice range of their vocalist Courtney Swain.

Lyrics are little strange to be honest, probably I’m still very un-familiar with these guys, but they seem to be random, although, I think that mostly deal with introspective and personal relationships.

Now, regarding the title of the post, I must clarify, I’m not using in a negative way the word “nerd”, indeed, all the opposite, this band is the result of a group of music enthusiast, that love jam for hours, and that have a long chats about every single type of music, decide to start a band. But don’t forget, that these music enthusiasts are actually incredible musicians, with academic background, adding tons of complexity.

In my opinion, these guys wouldn’t be able to write music if they weren’t such a well prepared musicians. I can only think that in their minds, there always a fantastic musical chaos, that requires an incredible talent in order to put it in such song form.

I just love this band, and I just discovered them, I can’t wait to hear their new stuff. Finally, I know they are such big nerds, just because I’m just like these guys, with the important exception that I don’t have the level of musicianship they have….not big deal I guess….

See you next time around!!!