The 3 of 2016

Today Dark Tranquility finally released their last album: Atoma, and then the inevitable question comes to my mind, which of the 3 is the best album of this year:


Katatonia – The Fall of Hearts

Opeth – Sorceress

Dark Tranquility – Atoma


3 Albums, by 3 big acts, all from the same country, with very different content, and yet very similar. All works have a magnificent production, great musicality, amazing songs, incredible artworks, etc.


Probably, is still quite difficult to choose one right now, since DT has just released the album, and in the case of “The Fall of Hearts” I already enjoyed and abused of that album, and I’m on my way to do the same with “Sorceress”, and I’m just in my first listening “Atoma”, and god, is being very dynamic, strong, passionate so far, that I’m thinking on this one as the actual winner.


But, like I said before, I need to wait a little more, and particularly I need to sit down, grab a bottle of whisky, and listen the 3 of them, and do this, several time, until I can finally make decision.


Although, at the end, why in the fuck should I chose one? Well, the answer is easy, is just a vulgar justification to listen these masterworks over and over again.


Hope you enjoy the entry, I would like to know you thoughts on this.


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