Why I love to be a Nerd?

Hi guys, if you were one of the 10 people who actually read the past post, you’ll remember that I explained what happened when a group of nerds decide to make music, well, since that moment, I felt that I need to explain more properly the meaning of the word “nerd”.


So, here is my explanation, and has nothing to do with the Bing bang theory stereotype of the “nerd”, you know guys, be a nerd is not to be the weird guy that love comics, that is a skinny guy, super smart, that is a little dumb, but is lovely to the girls outhere. Also, is has nothing to do with the stupid concept of the 80’s, instead, is more related with the personality.


Yes, personality is what define you as a nerd, you can’t not classify this, and you just can’t, because personality is basically defined by the passion inside you.  I’m a passionate about the music, specifically metal, and rock in general, but I’m not acting like one of the guys under the actual stereotype, who wants to be the cool metal guy, who plays guitar, and wears “death” shirts.


Instead of that, I’m more like the kind of person who just love to talk about music in general, with passion, it doesn’t matter if it’s about Black Sabbath, Carcass, or even Tom Jones, I just love the music that makes me feel something.


For some reason people just don’t get this, the “nerd” guy is the one who loves what he loves, just as the guys from Bent Knee. You see, those guys loves so much the music that they decide to study a professional career focused in music (well in Berklee, big deal right?) and now, they are touring with the Dellinger Escape plan, one of the most important Death/ Math core band nowadays, and they sounds similar? Well not really, but that’s really care? Hell no!!!…..


I love to be a “nerd” just because I love so much what I do, what I like, not because I want to be part of any urban group, don’t be a sterotype, just accept who you are, and love whatever you like, and do it with passion, without expecting anything, what else would you can expect apart from the fact that you’re doing, somehow what you love?


I love to be a nerd, I’m proud of it, and I won’t change that never.


Hope you like this, if not, that’s ok, share your thoughts, I would really love to know them.


See you next time around!!!…..


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