Should Metal music be attached to any specific subject?

Ok, I know that it’s been a long time since the last time I actually wrote something, and this could be mainly because I have been too much busy, or maybe, because there is nothing special going on in the metal scene lately, which is actually sad.

Well, since there is nothing important to discuss honestly, I would like to know your opinion about something:  Should be Metal music and lyrics be attached to a specific subject? I mean, if you’re playing in a Grind Core band, you should write lyrics exclusively about dead, murder, blood, etc.? Or what about Doom, Gothic? What if you’re feeling happy? Would you still write sad and depressing content? Would that be honest?

I don’t know you guys but I definitely don’t believe that music should be attached to an specific subject, I think that sooner or later, it’s going to be boring, think a little bit about Fear Factory. I love FF so much, but is quite annoying to know that much of their lyrics are about the same subject: Man vs Machine, and yeah in the 90’s that was so fucking great, but right now, at least for me, is not that interesting. To be honest with you guys, the best FF album, is Archetype, and is basically, along with transgression, the only two albums not associated with man vs machine subject.

I have to say, I’m huge supporter of the free speech in music, so as you already know, one of my past entries, was about Christian content in Extreme metal, once again, what is your opinion about that? Moreover, what is your opinion about NSBM (National socialist Black Metal)? I don’t like that content at all, I don’t agree with them neither, but only because of that should I condemn that scene?

How to know the boundary of be honest and keep yourself faithful to your ideals? And, when is enough to write lyrics only with shock value purposes? Or only to tell about the book you loved?

Well, I would love to know your opinions, please share it in the comment box, or on my Facebook page

Thanks for reading, and see you next time around!!!…


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