How the melancholy found new way to spread in our souls? – A review of An Autumn for Crippled Children “The Long Goodbye” album.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted the article “The Future of Black Metal sound?”, in which I was talking about how some new bands, blend shoegaze, post rock and post punk with black metal sound, and called this new genre Post Black Metal. Today, I will share with you guys, a review for the last album of a band that is very deep in this movement, An Autumn for Crippled Children, and the album is titled “The Long Goodbye”.

An Autumn for Crippled Children is a band from Netherlands that started in 2009, and has already released five albums: “Lost” (2010), “Everything” (2011), “Only the Ocean Knows” (2012), “Try Not to Destroy Everything you Love” (2013) and finally “The Long Goodbye” (2015). The band is known for his heavily post black metal influenced sound.

“The long Goodbye” album is by far, one of the most emotive albums that I have been listened in the last years, probably, since the release of The Gathering “Nighttime Birds”. It is so melancholic, so dark and still so raw. The growling is always appropriate for the music while the keyboards are melted so incredible with the guitar sound.

Compared with another albums of others exponents of this genre, such as Altar Of Plagues, Wolves in the Throne Room, etc. “The long Goodbye” doesn’t includes blast beats, instead, it based more on the keyboards melodies, distorted guitar chords and black metal trademark growls.

The album opens with the homonym track “The long Goodbye”, which is heavily influenced by post punk sound, showing some incredible basslines and guitar riffs, and this vibe is present on “A New Form of Stillness” and “When Night Leaves Again”, which actually has some interesting riffs, that reminds a little bit to Darkthrone early releases.

“Covering towards the light”, “Only Skin”, “She’s Drawing Mountains” and the final track “The Sleep of Rust” has more New Prog sound on it, although, some gothic influences are heard here and there, especially on the final track, which is actually the more metal song on the album, is very doom and darky.

“Gleam” easily could be a Klimt1918 song, and it does includes a great drumming and outstanding keyboards background. “Endless Skies” is a very different song compared with the rest of the album, not only because has some electronic influences on it, but is the one in which you can hear more oppressive growling, and a more distorted guitar sound.

As conclusion the album obtain what is the goal of the genre, a nostalgic sound, a vibe of bitter sweetness blended with some anger and desperation. You can easily get lost into the cover artwork, while listening the album. Not many bands are able to express their feeling in the sound of the songs, but AACC, made it without any problem without sacrificing rage and rawness of the black metal sound. The album is amazing, and is probably, the best post black metal album of the year.

Who can be interested in this album? Well not Gorgoroth fans for sure, although the black metal fans that are already familiarized with the genre, will definitely enjoy this one. I actually recommend it to people who loves the many era of Anathema, because it melt perfectly every sound that we love from each one.

I hope this post has been of your interest, and please post your opinions, because I really would love to know them.

See you next time around!


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