Bent Knee – Land Animal

Bent Knee has just landed their new animal and it’s a real savage one…..

Well, if you know Bent Knee, you already should be aware that this band is not conventional at all, not  even into the progressive scene, and it’s without any doubt a risked band, rather than experimental. Bent Knee is the kind of band that took you to the boundaries with every album they release.

The new album has the characteristic dynamic sound of the band, but this time the songs are more savages, raw, aggressive and Yes! more guitar based than all the predecessors.

The musicality it’s as always on the top, an excellent execution with the perfect “live” feeling in each song, you know, that vibe that only great musicians can bring (especially if they are graduated from Berklee right?). The record is perfectly balanced and the mix is just excellent, leaving besides the trending of make the songs sound just perfect and extremely polished.

Vocals on this album are amazing, is very notable how the Courtney’s voice has maturate so far, it basically make you shiver on every song, she could bring the nicest pop ballad vibe and then take you to the more obscure piece, a la Diamanda Galás.

Something particular on this album, are the rhythm section, because not only do perfectly their main job, but also, gives tons of power on every song, even in the songs like “Boxes”, that by the way, is the perfect close for this album.

Talking about the songs, I prefer not to highlight my favorites ones, because the album it’s so diverse that, I’m pretty sure that in a few hours I’m going to have a whole different set of new favorite songs. Although, I would like to recommend to you, not to shuffle this one, because the songs are perfectly fitted in the track list, and in the way I see it, is like a life cycle, in which “Terror Bird” is the birth song, “Hole” and “Holy Ghost” are the childhood and teenage songs respectively, while “Insides In”, “These Hands” and “Land Animal” are the adulthood. Finally the twilight comes with “Time Deer”, “Belly Side Up” and “The Well”. The peacefully death song is “Boxes -.”, and the perfect ending for this album.

Please go and get Land Animal, which is one of the best pieces of music you going to hear until they probably release new material.

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Deathwhite – Solitary Martyr

In the nowadays metal scene, there are such a huge variety of categories that could go from the most common and well know heavy metal, to the most elaborate sub genera such the DSBM (please google to know what does the acronym means).

The problem with this, is that the songs tends to be extremely complicated, with tons of instruments and what is probably the worst characteristic, an unnecessary polished sound, making a no human sound.

Having said that, people like me, have no other option, but pick for a more minimalist and more riff based music. In that vein, I introduce to you guys: Deathwhite, a metal band commonly labeled as a Dark Metal.

I won’t try to discuss if that label is the most adequate for this band, but Instead, I would like to focus a little bit more into the music of their EP: Solitary Martyr. This work consists on 5 songs with standard duration (about 5 minutes each), and a very decent production, that in fact, remarks the melodies that identifies each song.

The songs on this material are minimalist, nevertheless with a incredibly musicality, intelligent arrangements and very catchy guitar melodies.  Something that I was attracted from the very beginning, I must admit, was the voice, because highlight so well the melancholy of the lyrics, and complements perfectly the atmosphere of each songs.

Although that during the whole album (specially in songs like “Vain“), you can hear all the influence from Katatonia and My dying bride, is fantastic that songs like “Suffer Abandonment” does includes very heavy intros, that reminds to 90’s sound from bands like Iced Earth and Nevermore.

Deathwhite has just signed with season of the mist, and their new material is just about to be released. I strongly recommend to be pending of this, since I’m very sure that, just as Katatonia’s The Fall of Hearts, was one of the best 3 albums of 2016, this  one has very high chances to reach the same success.

I hope you enjoy this review, and be pending for more, since some interesting material has been released over the past weeks.

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The 3 of 2016

Today Dark Tranquility finally released their last album: Atoma, and then the inevitable question comes to my mind, which of the 3 is the best album of this year:


Katatonia – The Fall of Hearts

Opeth – Sorceress

Dark Tranquility – Atoma


3 Albums, by 3 big acts, all from the same country, with very different content, and yet very similar. All works have a magnificent production, great musicality, amazing songs, incredible artworks, etc.


Probably, is still quite difficult to choose one right now, since DT has just released the album, and in the case of “The Fall of Hearts” I already enjoyed and abused of that album, and I’m on my way to do the same with “Sorceress”, and I’m just in my first listening “Atoma”, and god, is being very dynamic, strong, passionate so far, that I’m thinking on this one as the actual winner.


But, like I said before, I need to wait a little more, and particularly I need to sit down, grab a bottle of whisky, and listen the 3 of them, and do this, several time, until I can finally make decision.


Although, at the end, why in the fuck should I chose one? Well, the answer is easy, is just a vulgar justification to listen these masterworks over and over again.


Hope you enjoy the entry, I would like to know you thoughts on this.

Why I love to be a Nerd?

Hi guys, if you were one of the 10 people who actually read the past post, you’ll remember that I explained what happened when a group of nerds decide to make music, well, since that moment, I felt that I need to explain more properly the meaning of the word “nerd”.


So, here is my explanation, and has nothing to do with the Bing bang theory stereotype of the “nerd”, you know guys, be a nerd is not to be the weird guy that love comics, that is a skinny guy, super smart, that is a little dumb, but is lovely to the girls outhere. Also, is has nothing to do with the stupid concept of the 80’s, instead, is more related with the personality.


Yes, personality is what define you as a nerd, you can’t not classify this, and you just can’t, because personality is basically defined by the passion inside you.  I’m a passionate about the music, specifically metal, and rock in general, but I’m not acting like one of the guys under the actual stereotype, who wants to be the cool metal guy, who plays guitar, and wears “death” shirts.


Instead of that, I’m more like the kind of person who just love to talk about music in general, with passion, it doesn’t matter if it’s about Black Sabbath, Carcass, or even Tom Jones, I just love the music that makes me feel something.


For some reason people just don’t get this, the “nerd” guy is the one who loves what he loves, just as the guys from Bent Knee. You see, those guys loves so much the music that they decide to study a professional career focused in music (well in Berklee, big deal right?) and now, they are touring with the Dellinger Escape plan, one of the most important Death/ Math core band nowadays, and they sounds similar? Well not really, but that’s really care? Hell no!!!…..


I love to be a “nerd” just because I love so much what I do, what I like, not because I want to be part of any urban group, don’t be a sterotype, just accept who you are, and love whatever you like, and do it with passion, without expecting anything, what else would you can expect apart from the fact that you’re doing, somehow what you love?


I love to be a nerd, I’m proud of it, and I won’t change that never.


Hope you like this, if not, that’s ok, share your thoughts, I would really love to know them.


See you next time around!!!…..

Bent Knee: When nerds decide to make music

First and foremost, I’m not the type of person that is always hunting new bands, normally I discover them by merely accident or at the best by recommendations. Secondly, I never stated that this blog is dedicated 100% to Metal bands, it just happens, that metal music is mostly the one that worth it at all. Having said that, I can start writing freely.

Bent Knee is an American band that is mostly associated with Art rock/ Prog/ Psycodelic scene. They started in 2009, while attending Berklee College of Music. Their music is very dynamic, with highly complex execution, allowing the guys in the band to experiment, and create such an amazing ambient that go from beauty to Darkness.

And as most of the Art Rock bands, vocals are a basic element. Actually, this is one of that few bands in which, vocals is used as another instrument, and this is because the incredible voice range of their vocalist Courtney Swain.

Lyrics are little strange to be honest, probably I’m still very un-familiar with these guys, but they seem to be random, although, I think that mostly deal with introspective and personal relationships.

Now, regarding the title of the post, I must clarify, I’m not using in a negative way the word “nerd”, indeed, all the opposite, this band is the result of a group of music enthusiast, that love jam for hours, and that have a long chats about every single type of music, decide to start a band. But don’t forget, that these music enthusiasts are actually incredible musicians, with academic background, adding tons of complexity.

In my opinion, these guys wouldn’t be able to write music if they weren’t such a well prepared musicians. I can only think that in their minds, there always a fantastic musical chaos, that requires an incredible talent in order to put it in such song form.

I just love this band, and I just discovered them, I can’t wait to hear their new stuff. Finally, I know they are such big nerds, just because I’m just like these guys, with the important exception that I don’t have the level of musicianship they have….not big deal I guess….

See you next time around!!!

Monstrance – World on Its Knees: Rise of the Metal in music and spirit

Well guys, Monstrance gave us once again another damn blast from the past, and we weren’t prepared for such an amazing song. As you know, my last entry was about the rebirth of organic, raw and honest metal music; and as you can see, Monstrance was included on that list, well guys, I was not wrong at all.

Metal music lately has lost one of their vital columns: Content, Philosophy, Message, etc. I remember back in the 90’s that metal was all about rebellion, about society, about real matters, you know. I’m ok with the content of the current bands, but it’s hard to imagine that none of those bands are truly worried about the things on the world today. But without any warning, Monstrance has released this killer melodic metal song, with a straight to your face lyrics.

The melodies on the song invite to rebellion, to stand up and fight for your principles. Metal should not be plane and shallow , although Monstrance brings back this feeling, with a musicality of the highest levels.

There is no doubt that Monstrance will bring back the true metal among the community anytime soon. I’m personally impatient to hear a whole album recorded by this band, hopefully they going to be on the track of this very soon.
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The Rebirth of Metal Music

Lately, is being very natural to me feel how music in general (metal, rock, pop, country, etc.) seems to be in an endless decaying and it makes really hard to enjoy and listen new music, because is always the same result:  Annoying synth samples, almost null real instruments presence, hedonist rich kid lyrics, overproduced or too polished songs, etc.

We can blame the music business, or the really bad taste of new generations, but that would be a very generalized point of view. I do not consider myself able to find out what’s wrong with music nowadays, so I won’t waste my time trying to do that. Instead I’ll try to be more positive here, and I’ll highlight (from my very personal point of view and taste) some good examples of music rebirth (At least from the genre that I consider myself able to do, which is metal).

Abigail Williams

Is not new for the few people who follow this blog that I’m a huge fan of this band, although I can ensure that is not the reason of why I’m including them in this list. Actually the real reason, is that those guys are getting better with every album they release, and what I mean with better, is the fact that they sound more organic, more real and, they show a better technique and execution, on the last two albums than their whole previous catalogue. The last album, is not only an example of aggressive and raw black metal, is also a great example of modern metal, with some post rock elements, ambient melodies, all blended in such way that doesn’t sound artificial, but all the opposite, sound very passionate.

Violet Cold

For the people who know this band (actually formed by only one member) I’m pretty sure that you also consider that it’s a must to include it in this list. Violet Cold is actually the best example of the future on metal bands, not only because of the sound, but also because of the way it’s being promoted (almost exclusively based on social media), the audience that is reaching, and the recording techniques that is being using. Focusing on the sound, I would say, without any doubt, that this band is one of the most successfully experimental metal band nowadays, and when I say successfully I’m not referring to success in the media and music business, instead I mean a success in the sounds they blend, the atmospheric sounds they use, the aggressiveness of some passages and finally, the null artificial sound on every single song. You don’t need to be acoustic to sound organic, you can even make a complete electronic track and yet sound very natural, In my opinion, that is the best description of Violet Cold.


First at all, there is nothing new in this band, Monstrance is the veteran soldier that survived the 90’s metal scene, and is the living proof that real death metal is still among us. Founded by Carlos Regadas (Ex-Devoid, Ex-Carcass, Ex-Black Star), this band has only shared some demos via Facebook and YouTube, but what you hear on them, is the real essence of death and heavy metal. Great musicality, amazing melodies, very cool guitar solos, powerful drums, and awesome death growls. I’m really waiting for the release of a whole album, because, at some point, especially in the 2000’s, death metal became in something odd and weird, and I don’t want that as a good example of actual death metal. I have no doubt that Monstrance will bring the real death metal sound to our ears, and this will inspire new bands to do the same.


As well as Monstrance, Farmikos came from a guitarist formed in the 90’s metal scene: Joe Holmes, the former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist. This guy basically disappears from the mainstream scene for years, and now he returns with this incredible Hard Rocker/Metal band. The great deal with Farmikos, is that you can hear all the forgotten elements in metal nowadays: Stoner and Groove based guitar riffs, Soundgarden’sque vocals, simplistic production and of course, huge guitar solos. You won’t hear over produced songs with this band, only straight to your face songs, that use the same basic formula that Led Zeppelin used back in the 70’s.

And that’s all I have for you guys, but that doesn’t mean that only these bands are the ones in charge of the rebirth of metal music does ‘it? Of course not, that’s only a selection based on my taste and my opinion, of course I would like to know your opinion and which bands you consider  that are the ones that will bring back the real metal to our ears!….

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